The SDG Student Ambassadors

At the beginning of this academic year (2019-2020), the Positive Change Initiative recruited student ambassadors for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). A group of driven students will take the lead in their own projects to bring each of the SDGs to life.

Making an impact

As the advocate for their SDG, students decide in what way their efforts will take shape, be it raising awareness through blogging, raising funds, events, or establishing collaborations, as long as they create local impact. They are encouraged to work with each other as well as alumni, and to make the most out of their initiatives throughout the year.

The Positive Change Initiative will support the students through organizing events and offering brainstorm opportunities. 

Have an innovative idea?

If you work at a company or on a project that is related to the SDGs and would like to work together with us, drop us a line at We'll be happy to connect and look into ways we might maximize impact together.