Solidarity Challenge

We need your ideas.

While the world is in a health crisis, this time can also be an opportunity for people to step up. Now is the time when communities’ and individuals’ resilience and endeavours are tested.

We are kicking off a Solidarity Challenge and everyone is more than welcome to join.

The challenge

Parts of society are welcoming help right now: vulnerable people and their families have been self-isolated at home for 12 weeks, while other people have to stay away from their families – think of healthcare workers on long shifts, or those with small businesses offering services that cannot be run online.

What can we do to help them?

We challenge you to find ways to help the Rotterdam community. We want your productive ideas for getting through this time, and for creating impact right now.

What’s in it for you?

Your challenge is to find ideas to help the Rotterdam community.

Your reward is having a positive effect on others’ lives – but there’s also a personal reward for whoever produces the best idea:

Judges will be looking for:

  1. Impact – how big is the impact for the community, for the city, and for society?
  2. Feasibility – how easy is it to set up and implement your idea?
  3. Achievability – how fast can your idea be put into action?
  4. Proof of prototype –  what has already been done to show it will work.

Have we got you thinking now? Submit your idea in the form on the right.