RSM is looking for energetic and engaged students

...who want to create positive change.

With the world facing big societal, economic and ecological challenges, RSM believes business is a powerful instrument for addressing them. However, solutions for big challenges start with small ideas. 

As a member of one of RSM’s Positive Change Action Teams (see below), you will not only think about exciting new ideas, but you will get the chance to put them into action and make an impact. Together, we will create opportunities for RSM to walk the talk, and actively help achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The working groups will meet up with a member of the Positive Change initiative twice a month.

  • Can you create campaigns to spark awareness of the SDGs in the RSM community? Are you not afraid to take action? Join the Positive Change Activists! As a team you will be responsible for initiating, creating and maintaining the most inspirational SDG awareness campaigns on campus. You’ll be in the lead for existing and new actions, including the 'plant library' and the 'give-away cabinet'. You can also organise events, fun meetings, activities and related campaigns. The Positive Change Activists will design interventions to encourage all stakeholders of the RSM community to be a force for positive change.

  • Are you wondering how the RSM community can adopt a more sustainable approach towards consumption, production, materials and waste? One of those approaches is the ECO Coin initiative. In the academic year 2017-2018 the first group of change agents successfully collaborated with Next Nature Network to bring ECO Coin to campus during the Erasmus Sustainability Days. Participants can 'earn coins' by completing socially conscious actions, and can exchange the coins for environmentally friendly rewards. In 2018-2019 the Positive Change Agents will be aiming for greater impact through bigger outreach. Join the team!

  • Are you a born storyteller? Do you like being where the action is? Are you rooted in the RSM community, and always looking at things through a positive lens? As a Positive Change Reporter, your mission is to report how RSM faculty, staff and students are walking the talk and being a force for positive change through their actions. Keep alert to the many events, programmes, educational seminars, research activities, school-sponsored activities, study association programmes, and collective and individual acts at and around RSM. As a reporter, you gain access and experience to learn a new set of communication skills. You’ll have the opportunity to bring your creative writing skills to the table, and set up new communication campaigns with guidance from the team to further develop your reporting skills.

  • You’re in the driver’s seat to learn key elements of quality research as a member of this team. KPMG is sponsor of this award which recognises a master thesis that demonstrates academic excellence, and addresses important issues of business and society. Your team has a coach to guide the process of selecting the top 5 sustainability-related master theses written at RSM during the previous academic year. Your selected top 5 theses are next reviewed and ranked by a team of business professionals via the KPMG Sustainability Director.

    In addition to learning more about sustainable development, this is also a valuable opportunity for you to gain insights into writing a strong thesis. Former members have stated they more clearly understand how to better construct a quality thesis and their marks prove it.

  • Everyone studying or working at RSM can maximise learning opportunities and drive change through diverse sustainable business-oriented projects. Highly motivated students and employees can enhance their sustainability literacy, work with other committed stakeholders, and add to their personal and academic achievements with practical outcomes. Design, create and implement a project with relevance to the school, campus or community.

Action Teams 2018-2019

The action teams 2018-2019 are ready to kick-start their projects for positive change. You can apply for the action teams 2019-2020 in September 2019, more information will be available by then on this webpage.

However, do you have awesome ideas? Some positive energy to spare? Please feel free to send us an email to We are always looking for new ideas.