About us

In 2009, the Partnerships Resource Centre (PrC) was founded with a grant of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Academic Director Prof. dr. Rob van Tulder started several research projects to facilitate further knowledge accumulation and learning in the area of sustainable and inclusive partnerships. In the past 10 years PrC has contributed to a growing body of knowledge, with a focus on how to enhance effective collaboration between business, civil society organisations and government.

PrC is connected to the global community on Cross Sector Social Interactions (CSSI) who publishes the Anuual Review of Social Partnerships, written for and by cross-sector social partnership academics and practitioners focusing on collaboration across nonprofit, business, and public sectors.

PrC collaborates with the Partnership Brokers Association (PBA) the international professional body for those managing and developing collaboration processes.

You can learn more about the research projects PrC carries out, the partnering tools we have developed and PrC’s publications. Here you can find the team members of PrC and how you can reach them.