About us

About us

The Partnerships Resource Centre (PrC) is a specialist research centre at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. The PrC envisions a more sustainable and inclusive world in which business, civil society and governments each play an important role to create collaborative and inclusive solutions for complex societal issues. It connects scientifically sound research and practitioner experience of cross-sector partnerships to aid sustainable and inclusive development.

What we do

We create, share and connect knowledge on partnerships for sustainable development. Knowledge is created in our research projects, shared in our training and learning programmes, and connected through our network.

Our ambitions

We aim to enhance understanding of cross-sector partnerships by creating an inspiring research and learning environment for everyone involved. Therefore, we want to:

• contribute to a better understanding of critical success factors for partnerships, and develop inclusive business and theory-of-change models within projects using fundamental scientific research and applied action research;

• facilitate the exchange of experience and expertise in partnerships by building an international knowledge network;

• provide training and facilitate building and managing partnerships;

• strengthen the position of the PrC as a knowledge and resource centre for cross sector partnerships in the Netherlands, and extend this position abroad.