The Partnerships Resource Centre (PrC) is a specialist research centre at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. It produces new knowledge about cross-sector partnerships from scientifically sound research and practitioner experience to aid sustainable and inclusive development. Its ambition is to mutually reinforce these two bodies of knowledge using an approach that is independent, critical and constructive.


The Partnerships Resource Centre (Prc) envisions a more sustainable and inclusive world in which business, civil society and governments each play an important role in creating collaborative and inclusive solutions for complex societal issues.

Many societal issues are not only difficult to address, but also difficult to define. The PrC bases its work on the assumption that many of them require the input of multiple stakeholders from all sectors: business, civil society and governments. The PrC aspires to become an international centre of excellence that produces, collects and shares relevant, innovative and actionable knowledge for collaboration between these stakeholders to promote sustainable and inclusive development, and enhance the impact of such collaborations.

Theory of Change

 Our Theory of Change is aimed at a more sustainable and inclusive world through cross-sector partnerships by focusing on

  • Building knowledge by adding insights into the working of partnerships
  • Making knowledge useful and applicable for partnerships practitioners and
  • Building capacity by strengthening stakeholders’ knowledge and skills.