Prof. dr Cees van Dam

A significant part of the business and human rights agenda can be advanced by co-operation between companies, NGOs and governmental bodies, thus bringing together information and perspectives from various angles. This way, a mutual learning process can be created with respect to various dilemmas so as to enhance and anchor companies’ respect for human rights.

Cees’ International Business and Human Rights chair is sponsored by Amnesty International Nederland and the Foundation for Peace Sciences (Stichting Vredeswetenschappen). One of the focuses of his research is on transforming conflict situations towards a sustainable society.

Cees lives in London where he teaches English tort law (civil wrongs as opposed to criminal wrongs) and business and human rights at King’s College London. He moved to London in 2004 to do research work for the British Institute of International and Comparative Law. Before moving to London he held a chair in private law at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and worked as a part-time judge. He earned his PhD at Utrecht University (cum laude) while working at the Dutch Ministry of Justice.