Effectiveness of Partnerships in Development Cooperation

Effectiveness of Partnerships in Development Cooperation

Public-Private Development Partnerships (PPDPs) emerged as promising governance arrangements to enhance development. Experience showed however, that PPDPs have to deal with paradoxical tensions. In particular tensions related to governance are salient in PPDPs due to their specific actor constellation and key characteristics. Not much is known on how tensions are actually managed in PPDPs, however it is expected that the chosen approach will have implications for partnership effectiveness. Therefore, this research project continues with three dimensions:

(a) exploring tensions particularly related to governance in and of PPDPs;

(b) identifying how these governance tensions are managed;

(c) discussing the implications/consequences of the chosen approaches.

In 2015, the focus was predominantly on reviewing the literature and developing the theoretical framework. In 2016, the aim is to finalize the empirical chapters and deliver a doctoral dissertation. Also, knowledge for practitioners working with PPDPs will be developed, providing insights to policymakers and non-public partners collaborating with bilateral development agencies. The findings may be disseminated in form of a book and a workshop.