The mission of the PPPLab (Public Private Partnership Laboratory) is to extract and co-create knowledge and methodological lessons about PPPs that can be used to improve implementation and policy. Our aim is to learn about the relevance, effectiveness and quality of Dutch-supported PPPs for food and water. For more information please view our Knowledge Agenda.

Our work concentrates on partnerships funded by the Sustainable Water Fund (FDW) and the Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Food Security Fund (FDOV). New knowledge from the PPPLab will be of interest to new applicants of future calls and new facilities.

In the first full year of its existence PPPLab got in depth insights in the portfolios of FDOV and FDW and a better understanding of the dynamics around the development of both instruments. In the years to come, the way we execute studies around these topics should become more based on interaction with PPPs and less on our own desk research. Our task for 2016 is to find a good balance between research and shaping an interesting interactive process while we develop a strong, practical and attractive repertoire.


Our PPPLab, supported by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is a four-year action research and joint learning and support initiative which began in 2014.