Strategic Partnership Portfolio Management

Strategic Partnership Portfolio Management

The State of the Partnership report 2016 will address the concept of materiality. Key question of this publication will be: how can companies strategically align their partnership portfolios with societal priorities? We argue that issue prioritization often times is a reactive practice where companies choose to report on the easy topics or to engage in ad-hoc (philanthropic alliances). This results in a trust gap with stakeholders on the seriousness with which companies actually address societal issues. We reason that the fit with the main issues that the company faces, defines the link between the importance or materiality of issues and the possibilities to develop pro-active stakeholder engagement strategies.

The SMO book ‘Business Models for the Future: making international sustainability (ICSR) work’ will be finished in 2016. The book consists of two parts:

(1) basics: why is ICSR so wicked?

(2) practice: how to make sustainable business models work?

The SMO publication serves different purposes:

(1) elaborate a variety of the basic motives behind partnerships;

(2) develop the relevant indicators per functional area of management;

(3) link them to a number of contested areas of the discourse on sustainable development, such as ‘inclusiveness’, and ‘health’.

This publication has many cross links with other projects, in particular the Inclusive business (WOTRO) project. In 2016 we will try to make these links as productive and clear as possible.

Research on strategic portfolio management will lead to three outputs in 2016: 1) a literature review on the concept of materiality 2) the State of the Partnerships report 2016 on companies’ portfolio management strategies 3) the SMO book on future (sustainable) business models.