P. Saskia Bayerl

P. Saskia Bayerl is Research Associate at  CESAM and Professor of Digital Communication and Security at CENTRIC, Sheffield Hallam University. Her research interests lay at the intersection of human-computer interaction, organisational communication, and organisational change with a special focus on ICT implementation, privacy, and the management of transparency.

Vivien Butot

Vivien Butot is a first year PhD student at CESAM with a background in urban and cultural geography. During his prior education Vivien developed a broad interest for urban matters like citizen initiatives in housing, urban design, sense of place and neighborhood dynamics. In his PhD research Vivien is focusing on the connections between smart city developments and privacy concerns. Contact Vivien Butot.

Marijn van den Doel

Marijn van den Doel is a member of the Learning Innovation Team of Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM). Marijn is engaged in redesign projects on course and programme level with the ultimate aim to further improve the quality and value proposition of all RSM education. At CESAM, he is a member of the International Security Management Knowledge Alliance (ISM-KA) team, responsible for the development of a brand-new executive master degree programme for public and private security experts. Contact Marijn van den Doel.

Mark van der Giessen

Mark van der Giessen is a PhD candidate at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM). He is currently conducting his PhD under the umbrella of the UNITY project at CESAM and working on two projects: “Disentangling ICT requirements for communicating and information sharing with diverse communities” and “Lesbos – the local manifestation of a global grand challenge: Displacement, disruption and division at Europe’s doorstep”.  Contact Mark van der Giessen.

Freek de Haan

Freek de Haan is a Post-Doctoral Researcher at CESAM. With a background in sociology, philosophy and human geography his interest goes out to relational theory, urban policy and political economy. At CESAM he researches Rotterdam's smart city policies and related privacy concerns of citizens. Contact Freek de Haan

Kate Horton

Kate Horton is a Research Associate at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) and an Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour at the Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil. In CESAM she is responsible for the research stream on ‘Identity’ which investigates how police identity and image influence collaboration, behavioural outcomes and stakeholder relations. Kate’s main research interests include multiple identities and identification, conflict and organisational change. Contact Kate Horton.

Gabriele Jacobs

Gabriele Jacobs is Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Culture at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) and the Academic Director of CESAM. She is strongly committed to cross-disciplinary research and to integrating insights of practitioners in the field of public safety. Her main research interests lie in the areas of organisational change, identity and communication. Contact Gabriele Jacobs.

Bep Klop

Bep Klop is an office manager at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM). She has extensive experience in the organisation of international events with research and public partners and has close links to international research- and police organisations. In CESAM she takes care of the administrative support and the organisation of events and research-activities. Contact Bep Klop.

Ilona Suojanen

Ilona Suojanen is a Post-Doctoral Researcher in CESAM. She has a PhD (Management) from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and her thesis focused on happiness in the workplace. Other than being a passionate happyologist, she also has a background and experience in journalism, education and marketing. In CESAM her role includes varied project management and communications tasks, in addition to research through happiness lens. Ilona highlights the importance of co-creation in research and reminds of the value of shared responsibility in creating safer and happier societies. Contact Ilona Suojanen.

Giorgio Touburg

Giorgio Touburg is a Post-Doctoral Researcher at CESAM. He has a background in sociology (urban studies), and is finishing his dissertation on performativity in management theory and practice. His main areas of interest are cross-cultural management, knowledge management and critical management studies. At CESAM he studies and contributes to the development of EU-wide anti-radicalization policies. Contact Giorgio Touburg.