Positive safety dimensions in high-risk occupations

Factors for feeling safe in the face of immediate risk

Looking through the Positive Safety Lens

How about a change? Focus on safety instead of lack of safety.

What does that grey device do?

Organising data walks in smart city Rotterdam

Dutch Reach

How the Dutch gave the world a safety habit.

Intelligence Analysis

Dealing with data and technologies to make sense of world developments.

Does a digital society need digital police?

Why police forces should claim an active voice in shaping our digital society.

Talking globalisation into being

Is globalisation something beyond our influence to which we can only adapt?

Financial Inclusion

If you have no access to banking, how can you comply with anti-money laundering regulations?

My inner jihad

How learning Arabic can become a powerful counterconditioning against a fear oriented discourse.

Side effects to be taken seriously

Expecting the unexpected: efforts for more safety could result in unsafety.

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