CESAM has grown!

With two new agents aiming to tackle the challenges in public safety, CESAM has now grown to a team of nine. A happyologist Ilona Suojanen, PhD, and a Brazilian police officer and a doctoral researcher Rodrigo Maciel joined CESAM in November.

Ilona comes to CESAM from Edinburgh, Scotland, and is very excited of the variety of her role as a Post-doctoral researcher and the authenticity of her colleagues. She also loves the colourful bouquet received as a welcome greeting from the team. In CESAM she hopes to look at this often dark or even scary topic through a happiness lens, and to share the discoveries with wider audiences to create impact outside academia, too.

Rodrigo is joining CESAM for one year as a visiting PhD student from the Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Back at home he has worked several years as a police officer and has experience in intelligence analysis on both the strategical and tactical levels. His PhD focuses on the impact of technological projects undertaken by Intelligence agencies on technological trajectories of ICT. He strongly believes he will be happy in the Netherlands, as soon as he has bought a pair of gloves.