Open palms seek for co-operation

Last Friday CESAM team enjoyed a non-verbal communication workshop, which was a reward for winning the RSM Funding Award 2016. Eldrige Lapinjo, a consultant for public speaking and presentation, had asked each team member to prepare a one minute presentation, stating a value which was believed of benefit to the team. What was not told beforehand was that these presentations were recorded for film for reflections and feedback. Sudden increased heart rate was experienced, but it was mutually agreed that stepping outside the comfort zone was appreciated.

The presentation topics varied from mutual understanding to being grateful. The videos were watched focusing on the body language, and each team member got insightful information on what kind of messages their bodies communicate to the audience. It was learned, among other things, that a person with open palms is obviously not carrying a weapon and therefore infers openness and honesty, and requests trust. Also the pitch of the voice can clearly inform others that the presentation is over.

The theory part of the day concerned Six human needs by Clare Graves and looked into how our values, beliefs and actions are intertwined. Useful advice on how to direct the communication and how to give feedforward instead of feedback to others was also delivered -‘feedforward’ referring to actionable information, given with the intention that the other person experiences it as a gift.

It was a day of learning, sharing and enjoying. In addition to learning about non-verbal communication and open palms, the team also took a leap towards increased openness of the hearts.