120 km of running!

Sitting is killing us. It is the new smoking. We at CESAM wanted to do something about this and signed up to run at the NN Rotterdam marathon yesterday, Sunday the 8th of April. This forced us to get up from our chairs occasionally to hit the trails for some training. Winter was cold and long, but with a great team spirit and support from a group app, we made it!

A combination of distances led to a total run of around 120 km! Many of us did our personal bests and the smiles were wide. Weather was perfect, and all the people lining up the city streets with signs and music surely gave an extra energy boost.

We wanted to run for a good cause and chose War Child Nederlands as they work towards a world in which no child's life is torn apart by war, in five ways:

• Child protection – providing safety from armed conflict.

• Education – improving access to relevant, quality education.

• Psychosocial – offering support to regain self-esteem and rebuild relationships with friends and families.

• Livelihoods – training in skills and business to offer a real chance at a better future.

• Justice – helping children and young people understand and claim their rights, and access legal assistance and justice procedures.

We have done our share, now it is your turn. Please have a look at our Just Giving page.