Touch of unpredictability

We at CESAM believe that listening to each other and learning from each other what public safety and security means, and how it can be enabled, is an important prerequisite for developing even more sustainable solutions for the future. This requires a high diversity in perspectives and expertise.

With over a hundred participants from very diverse fields enthusiastically co-creating in security narratives workshops, we jointly succeeded in bringing different worlds together to discuss and develop approaches to local safety and security challenges at The International Security Narratives Symposium.

We were delighted with the inspiring dynamic, the energy and the touch of unpredictability during the symposium. Some aspects of that magic can surely be seen in the video.

The co-creation workshops during the symposium were a teaser for the master in Public Safety and Security Management, which will be ready to accept students in the course of next year.


The International Security Narratives Symposium was hosted at the RSM on the 9th of March by CESAM in the context of the Erasmus+ project ISM-KA and EU-project UNITY. ISM-KA is a project financed by the EU with the aim to create sustainable and concrete resources and structures to foster international security collaborations. UNITY is a H2020 project aiming to strengthen the connection between police and their communities.