Managing transparency on social media: Issues of resistance and public trust

Openness, sharing, transparency – this seemed to be ‘the spirit’ of social media. This changed when debates about large-scale monitoring and the unclear use of personal data by companies and state actors creates concerns about privacy infringements and ‘government surveillance’. These debates also have ramifications for the presence of public organizations such as police on social media platforms. Invited by the European Colleague of Policing (CEPOL) Dr. Bayerl discussed the dual challenges of ‘authenticity’ and ‘legitimacy’ police forces face in integrating social media into their operational work. Outlining the possible impacts of surveillance awareness on public trust and resistance, the talk also discussed the ‘trust paradox’ that may arise due to the different purposes social media are tasked to fulfil for police forces. The presentation was given on October 8th, 2014 at the CEPOL workshop on social media, Bramshill, UK.