CESAM presented at the CEPOL 2016 Research and Science Conference

CESAM delivered an open workshop contribution to the 13th CEPOL European Police Research and Science Conference (5 – 7 October 2016, Budapest, Hungary). This conference is a platform for law enforcement officers in leading positions, police educators and trainers, as well as distinguished academic scholars and researchers for exchanging (new) research findings, educational ideas and concepts as well as for engaging in a professional and informed discussion around issues of police science, research and education.

Global trends can only be defined from an international perspective - the development and progress of scientifically sound research informing and shaping law enforcement practice or education varies across countries and forces in Europe and worldwide. Thus the organisers are seeking input from a wide circle of international institutions, countries and research projects. Not only shall the variations in training and education be addressed by the contributions to the conference but also similarities, best practices, chances and possible limitations of “global trends in law enforcement training and education”.

As in earlier CEPOL Research and Science Conference events, there was a strong emphasis on creating dialogue and interaction among the speakers and participants.

In the course of the conference, keynotes, parallel sessions and open paper workshops were presented. Many interesting discussions took place with institutional approaches and experiences, as well as of research projects and findings. In particular the open workshop CESAM presented, gave an opportunity to discuss theoretical and practical research and our vision and plans on International Security Management.

More information you can find at https://www.cepol.europa.eu/science-research/conferences/2016