Research at CESAM can be divided into four different streams: identity, culture, ICT and happiness.


The CESAM research stream on identity focuses on how individuals’ identities shape their ability to work across boundaries and implement organizational change. In particular, our projects examine the impact of workplace identity on stakeholder relations, organizational learning and the co-creation of safety.


The CESAM research stream on culture focuses on the specific requirements of multi-contextual settings. Individuals, communities and professions differ in their cultural values concerning safety and security, but also in their needs for safety solutions. In our work we analyse the impact of culture on the management of public safety and which role culture plays in the cooperation between safety agents.


The CESAM research stream on information and communication technologies investigates how changing technologies impact practices and discourses about safety and security. Our main interests are a better understanding of how new media affect the interface between organizations and citizens and to provide guidance on their use and implementation. Recurring topics include the management of privacy boundaries, citizen participation, surveillance, and social media in crisis communication.


The fourth CESAM research stream focuses on safety in the context of positive experience. In addition to looking into crime and risks, which are threats to human safety, we also want to provide a positive dimension of looking into aspects which foster safety in people’s lives in public space. With co-creation of different voices and by using alternative methods, we also aim to make public safety more visible and tangible to fully understand the concept of promoting positive safety management.