• CESAM is involved with the executive education at RSM. Course on Change management, led by change experts at RSM Executive Education, offers a hands-on knowledge on how to plan, implement, manage and evaluate complex change processes. It provides practical tools and theoretical foundations, as well as a forum to share and learn best practices with fellow participants.

    Change initiatives often cost more, take longer and achieve less than originally intended. This programme trains managers to lead change successfully by providing the theoretical background and the practical know-how to transparently plan, implement and evaluate complex change processes. There is a nearly constant pressure to change.

    Organisations are restructuring, priorities are changing, and new products and services need to be developed. Having a workforce able to adjust to uncertain environments can give your organisation the edge. Effective leadership can help manage such uncertainty and facilitate staff to adapt to change.

    More information on the learning objectives, applying for the course and course fees here.

  • Members of CESAM are involved with masters education at RSM.

    Popular lecture topics

    • Managing privacy and personal space in digital environments
    • Social media use for public safety and crisis management
    • Predictive HR, predictive policing


    Current master thesis

    There are also 12 master students focusing on “Ethical marketing and branding”, covering topics like green marketing, gender, race and religion stereotypes and body image.


  • Highly valued team members at CESAM consist also of PhD students.

    Current PhD projects

    Mark van der Giessen (Gabriele Jacobs & Saskia Bayerl)
    Co-creating security: Bridging disparate needs and expectations (RSM, ERIM)

    Rodrigo Fileto (Saskia Bayerl & Marta Macedo Kerr Pinheiro)
    Intelligence agencies and national innovation systems (Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil, visiting PhD student)

    Vivien Butot (Saskia Bayerl)
    Managing Privacy in a Smart City (RSM)

    Elham Rizk (Barbara Krug & Gabriele Jacobs)
    Clans, Capital and Culture: The entrepreneurial volatility in the Middle East (RSM, external PhD programme)

    Christina Langenbusch (Joep Cornelissen & Gabriele Jacobs)
    Organizational Identity and Value Creation (RSM, external PhD programme)


    Shared leadership:

    Bjoern T. Atterstam (Steffen Giessner & Gabriele Jacobs)
    Granting and taking lead (RSM, external PhD programme)

    Henriette Bohn (Yvette Völschow & Gabriele Jacobs)
    Führung und Werteorientierung in der Polizei (Universität Vechta)

    Co-supervision of PhD projects Sheffield Hallam University, UK (Saskia Bayerl)
    Transnational threats in the context of security policies of European states
    Improving cyber-situation awareness via classification and predictive analytics