RepTrak Monitor

RepTrak Monitor

The Reputation Institute created the RepTrak™ method, to provide companies with a standardized framework for enabling the identification of factors that drive reputations and for benchmarking their corporate reputations internationally.

RepTrak™ is the world’s first standardized and integrated tool for tracking corporate reputations globally across stakeholder groups. The RepTrak™ Model is a tool that tracks 23 key performance indicators grouped around 7 reputation dimensions that research has proven to be effective in getting stakeholders to support the company.


The beating heart of the RepTrak™ Model is the Pulse. The RepTrak™ Pulse measures the health of a company’s overall reputation with consumers. The RepTrak™ Pulse score is based on four statements: the esteem, good feeling, trust, and admiration that consumers feel towards a company. 

Establishing a good reputation is not a goal in itself; the ultimate goal is getting stakeholders to support the company. Supportive behaviors can be shown in various areas, such as the willingness to purchase products from a company or to invest in company stock. 

Internationally standardized and comparable reputation scores
In some countries, people are universally more positive in their responses than in other countries. The distribution of scores in that country may also be more ‘spread out’ than in another because people have more information and are able to make more subtle differences between companies. 

To overcome these sources of systematic bias, Reputation Institute’s policy is to adjust all RepTrak™ scores by standardizing them against the aggregate distribution of all scores obtained from the RI’s Annual Global RepTrak™ Pulse. Standardization has the effect of lowering scores in countries that tend to overrate companies, and has the effect of raising scores for companies in countries that tend to rate companies more negatively. Due to this procedure, all RepTrak™ reputation scores are comparable across industries, countries, and over time. 

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