Strategic Alignment Monitor

Strategic Alignment Monitor

EcQ - RepTrak TM Alignment Monitor

EcQ captures the multi-dimensional nature of employee communication as one of the key drivers of stimulating support for core strategic issues among employees. EcQ data enable organisations to track support for core strategic issues in the organisation, and enables comparisons between subgroups within the organisation and between organisations.

The EcQ® - RepTrak TM Alignment Monitor - is an instrument to assess the contribution of employee communication to the performance of an organization, by:

  • Providing a number reflecting the degree of Strategic Employee Alignment (SEA) in a company, enabling the company to relate this number to the overall performance indicators (e.g. Ebita).
  • Enabling organizations to compare this number within the own organization and between the own organization and other companies, using RI’s global EcQ-benchmark.
  • Identifying the strengths and weaknesses in the drivers of alignment, specifying the quality of the contribution of employee.

The EcQ® monitor was published in many journals and management magazines. A selection of articles are able to find here below:

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