The annual Erasmus Energy Forum is an unique event that brings together stakeholders to discuss the future of energy, and energy of the future. Our  annual events, from 2012 until 2017, brought together representatives from a wide range of industries, academia and politics in front of large and influential audiences. It is rare that speakers representing so many parts of the industry – the grid, generators, IT, politicians and academics as well as such forward-thinking major consumers such as Port of Rotterdam – are able to co-operate, discourse and compare knowledge in a public forum.

We aim to establish a pan-European community of the future energy landscape to

  • develop relationships between participants of the future energy  landscape and users
  • set up a platform for exchange of expert information and best practices
  • explore models of alternative resources, resource sharing and storing based on digital innovation
  • define ways to increase energy efficiency and efficient allocation  of resources.

The Erasmus Energy Forum is hosted by Erasmus Centre for Future Energy Business, Rotterdam School of Management.