Balance Track

Balance Track

Despite good intentions, people often make poor decisions when it comes to well-being, either because they don’t know better or because they feel they have no choice. Not least, business leaders and managers are subject to unprecedented levels of stress, often leading to burnout, overall poor health and in the worst cases, derailing of their careers.

Have you ever considered sacrificing sleep to put in more hours at work? Many people have done this without being aware of the negative effects on productivity, performance, and even leadership.

We believe that knowing about stress and building resilience to it should be part of every leader’s development, so we have created a unique track for MBA participants at RSM. It uses the expertise of practitioners from mindfulness, nutrition, and sports science, and aims to provide MBA students with a holistic understanding of how factors such as sleep, exercise, diet and even relationships interact and affect mental and physical well-being.

This extracurricular course teaches the scientific basics of stress factors, and provide strategies for building a more balanced life, with the overall goal of increasing resilience to stress. Participants will learn a portfolio of practical exercises they can use every day, from mindfulness to meditation and exercise.

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What out students say

  • “I think the Balance Track does exactly what it says. People usually underestimate the importance of balancing one’s sleep, a healthy diet, relationships, exercise and mindfulness – which are all tightly connected to each other. I only understood how vital and impactful my sleeping habit was after I got back to a healthy sleeping habit through the theoretical lessons and warm guidance in these sessions. Just fixing my sleep deprivation benefited me. It reduced my anxiety and loneliness and also boosted my energy and confidence. I strongly recommend people to attend this course; you will learn and benefit much more than the valuable time you spend in this session.”

    Tserendorj Erdenechimeg, MBA 2020

  • “In an MBA, we touch upon a wide range of topics with the intention of developing the ability to see the bigger picture in business. The Balance Track, for me, is ‘an MBA in wellness’. I feel that the sessions better equipped me to face the challenges of maintaining emotional and physical health in a busy working life. I had the opportunity to try them during the MBA programme and I am surprised by the improvement I achieved. I have now a bird's eye view of the factors that come together to create or curse my physical and emotional wellbeing. This awareness has helped me away from many damaging habits that I already had – and some that I was about to pick up under the pressure of a tight schedule. Each session took place at a quiet location outside the campus, sometimes indoors, sometimes outside. We dived into important factors of wellness with activities guided by the trainers who were all specialists in their own fields. I feel grateful for the understanding I gained from the Balance Track.”

    Amaresh Sahu, MBA 2020

  • “The Balance Track delivered on every expectation. Every session was dedicated to a different topic that concerns either our mental or physical state of being: mindfulness, sleep, exercise, food, relationships and inspiration. These sessions were enlightening and encouraging; we explored the effects on our bodies and minds and learned tips and tricks for including them in our routines to positively influence our lives. Our progress was followed up regularly. Personally, I benefitted from their guidance immensely.  The goal of these sessions was to improve the quality of our lives and make us more efficient and effective leaders and going through this programme has definitely made me more self-aware and confident in putting my best self forth to capture my full potential.”

    Tracy Ann d’Souza, MBA 2020