Each year the Erasmus Centre for Leadership organises a number of events, both for the scientific and the broader community, often in collaboration with other partners. Events include research conferences for the world’s top leadership researchers to discuss the latest scientific discoveries, and more intimate networking events specifically to address current leadership challenges.

Understanding loneliness at work during COVID-19 and in the future

Join Prof. Steffen Giessner and PhD candidate Hodar Lam to discuss their research on how to best combat loneliness at work.

Many of us have now spent the last four months working from home and being isolated from friends, family, and colleagues. While the exact impacts are still being investigated, researchers at RSM are already thinking of solutions and preparing for the future.

Join Prof. Steffen Giessner and PhD candidate Hodar Lam for a digital session on 16 July at 14.00 CEST to discuss their research on how to best combat loneliness at work. They will discuss the background and approach of their research, and recommend ways for employees, managers, and organisations as a whole to feel less lonely now and in the future. The programme will include a question and answer session so we can delve deeper into the impact this is having on all of us.

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New Directions in Leadership Research Conference (NDLR)

19-21 June 2019, North Carolina, USA

The NDLR is an annual research conference convened by RSM, Duke University, INSEAD and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. The location of the conference rotates among partner universities.

The 2019 NDLR conference will be 19-21 June at Duke University in North Carolina, USA. For more information please visit the conference website

Leadership Conversations

10 May 2019, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

The Erasmus Center for Leadership (ECL) cordially invites you to join the next Leadership Conversation on Friday 10 May 2019 at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM). The objective of this open forum is to connect academia, business and the larger RSM community around a common topic of interest: leadership development.

Within ECL we are exploring a number of promising topics and tools that will increase our understanding of successful leadership development and eventually allow us to scale-up our educational efforts. The aim of the Leadership Conversation is to deep-dive into a number of these topics together with interested stakeholders and benefit from your creativity and experience in helping us shape the different initiatives that we are currently exploring. At the same time, by joining the conversation, you will become a part of our leadership community and gain a unique look behind the scenes of our newly invigorated ECL.

For more detailed information on the event please visit the event website or contact Verena Ohms (