Multi-contextual approaches to safety and security and the role of cultural norms

Prof. Gabriele Jacobs’ symposium and inaugural address on Public Safety Management.

New book on policing in the digital space

Are virtual police patrols needed? What is the police allowed to do on the internet?

Registration is now open!

Reserve your spot at the International Security Narrative Symposium on the 9th of March.

Welcome to Dr. Gabriele Jacobs’ Inaugural Lecture

This is a public event and everyone is warmly welcome on Friday 9 March at 16:00.

CESAM keeps on growing!
New project on managing privacy in Rotterdam

CESAM will introduce a flexible concept of boundary management in smart cities.

Media impact: how fake news affects corporate reputation

Three-day masterclass explores hot topics in corporate communication management.

High performance noticed at CESAM

Saskia Bayerl is now a High Performance Member of ERIM.

PrC researchers edit journal on food security in Africa

Authors explored how institutions influence food security levels in diverse African contexts.

Got an inspiring business idea? Apply for the I WILL Award!

Entries for this spectacular competition can be submitted until 14 January 2018.