Veiligheidsprofessionals gezocht voor onderzoek

Vul een korte vragenlijst in en draag zo bij aan EU-breed onderzoek

RSM Leadership Summit explores essential power of purpose in business

Top speakers and academics wove together ideas, ideals and actions with professionals.

Come and meet CESAM at Science Hotel

Smart discussions and photos on safety

New book on mapping a winning strategy in turbulent markets

Identify strategic business issues and organise thoughts without distraction.

Call for chapters

Buch "Cyberkriminologie" (deutschsprachig; Springer-Verlag)

Happiness Education

Happiness should be recognised as an important educational objective.

PROPHETS' kick-off

CESAM's project on preventing radicalization online kicked off in Germany this summer.

Safety initiatives in two Dutch cities

CESAM brought safety officers from Amsterdam and Rotterdam together

Happy life requires emotions and experiences of all sorts

Media interest in Finland stimulated by CESAM's researcher

A public lecture series on The Smart City

CESAM’s course on “The smart city: Utopia or Prison” launches today