PROPHETS' kick-off

CESAM's project on preventing radicalization online kicked off in Germany this summer.

Safety initiatives in two Dutch cities

CESAM brought safety officers from Amsterdam and Rotterdam together

Happy life requires emotions and experiences of all sorts

Media interest in Finland stimulated by CESAM's researcher

A public lecture series on The Smart City

CESAM’s course on “The smart city: Utopia or Prison” launches today

RSM corporate magazine explores food sustainability and security

RSM Outlook’s summer 2018 issue features challenges and solutions through research and business.

Hunger – a wicked problem

Prof. Rob van Tulder outlines societal challenges in food sustainability and security in RSM Outlook

Executive summer course dives into strategic corporate communication

Communications professionals can learn theory and practice in summer course in June 2018.

KPMG sustainability award for green choice behaviour on e-grocery

MSc graduate Tatjana Morisnicenko won €1,000 for her sustainability-focused thesis.

Touch of unpredictability

The International Security Narratives Symposium video is online.

PrC experts involved in developing UN’s SDG partnering guidelines

Guidelines for Asia Pacific highlight opportunities & challenges for multi-stakeholder partnerships.