Dr Denise Moraes Carvalho

Denise Carvalho is a postdoctoral student at the Partnerships Resource Centre. Her main research interests are Cross-sector Partnerships, Wicked Problems and Sustainability on the water and sanitation sector. Her postdoctoral project has focus on public policies for encouraging and fostering cross-sector partnership in developing countries such as Brazil. This research is aligned with her PhD thesis about ‘Tripartite Partnerships on Water and Sanitation and the wickedness of the sector in Brazil’, where she analyzed the institutional constraints that can affect these arrangements in the country.

Denise is a Civil Engineer and holds a master’s degree in Organizational Strategy. She worked for many years in the areas of planning and controlling in an infrastructure sector private organization in Brazil. She also holds three MBA degree courses, in Controlling, Finance and Business Management. She lives in Curitiba, south Brazil, with her husband and daughter.