Dr Sietze Vellema

Dr Sietze Vellema’s interest is to understand why and how different actors collaborate in solving organisational, managerial, and technical problems related to inclusive development and sustainable food provision. Sietze: “The interdisciplinary nature of the Partnership Resource Centre and the connectivity to the practice of partnerships makes it an interesting place to be”.

Sietze’s research at the PrC focuses on partnerships related to sustainability standards implemented in global value chains. The research informs discussions about how cross-sector partnership make a difference compared to business to business partnerships, how partnerships are able to accommodate locally embedded sustainability initiatives, and how partnerships convene including the public domain connects into market-led initiatives. Sietze leads the action research with the 2SCALE project in West and East Africa. This contributes to refining theories of change underlying partnerships, documenting and reviewing change processes set in motion by partnerships, and supporting strategising by partners. Sietze’s research combines development, organisation, and technology studies with a focus on partnerships, certification and institutional arrangements in global value chains, and contract farming. He supervises PhD candidates and contributes to methodological discussions about integrative research and impact evaluation.