Drs Marieke de Wal

Since 2014, Marieke de Wal is managing director of the Partnerships Resource Centre. Currently, she is lead researcher of research projects on the role of partnership brokers (together with the Partnership Brokers Association) and on the effectiveness and impact of partnerships. Moreover, she is involved in several action oriented projects. One is PPPLab, a learning initiative which aims to extract and co-create knowledge and methodological lessons from and on PPPs that can be used to improve both implementation and policy. Another project is Promoting Effective Partnerships (PEP) which is inspired by the inquiry ‘what will it take to unleash the partnering potential for the SDGs?’ PEP aims to promote better access to proven partnering knowledge and to identify and fill gaps in expertise. Finally, she is involved in the Remote Partnering Project which challenges the limitations of partnering remotely by emerging some exciting new thinking about how best to support and grow more effective remote partnering practice. Before joining PrC, Marieke was managing consultant at the Dutch consultancy firm Berenschot where she specialised in process evaluation studies and public-private partnerships. Marieke is an accredited member of the Partnership Brokers Association and Chair of the Supervisory Board of the Dutch peace building organization PAX. She studied Philosophy at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands.