Marije Balt MA

Coming from a government background, Marije is an expert on the public partner perspective within partnerships. As a research associate (adjunct) at the PrC, she combines her 20-years expertise from several sectors, including NGO’s and business. Posted as a diplomat at the Dutch embassy in Kenya, Marije found that complex problems can best be tackled in partnerships. After founding SpringFactor research consultancy in 2012, she brokered several partnerships. She does research, consults, teaches and trains in her topics of specialisation: development, governance and youth. Her geographical expertise is Africa, including Ghana, Rwanda and Mali. Marije has researched partnership projects in diverse sectors such as agriculture and water (management), and conducted field research in North-Ghana. Based on her professional experience, Marije finds it important that research findings are applicable to policy and practice. She is involved in the PPPLab Food & Water, a four-year action research and joint learning and support initiative (2014-2018) to learn about the relevance, effectiveness and quality of Dutch-supported public-private partnerships (PPPs).