Stella Pfisterer MSc

Stella has worked with many organisations and individuals interested in finding out how partnerships actually work. As a research associate at the PrC, she develops and shares knowledge of cross-sector partnerships with a focus on development co-operation. She aims to look beyond the frequently used concepts in partnerships – such as control and collaboration – and explore what these really mean and how to use them for effective partnering. She is currently working on her PhD thesis on the governance of public-private partnerships in development co-operation.

Her special interest in cross-sector partnerships unfolded during her professional experiences in higher education (Maastricht School of Management, the Netherlands), in the private sector (Daimler AG, Germany) and in the public sector (German Embassy in Wellington, New Zealand). She has researched partnership projects in diverse sectors such as agriculture and energy, in Colombia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia among other countries. Stella has developed specific expertise in the analysis of development policy, governance and management of inter-organisational relationships. Her studies in International Development Administration (Leiden University, the Netherlands) and Social Sciences, Law and Economics (University of Erfurt, Germany) have provided her with a solid academic background.

Stella finds it important to make research findings applicable to practice and so has published professional publications – including partnership evaluation reports, research briefs and guidebooks. In addition, she has developed a series of executive training modules about partnership management. These were commissioned by organisations such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands and the University of Applied Sciences Leiden.