Thorben Kwakkenbos

Thorben Kwakkenbos is an assistant project officer at the Partnerships Resource Centre. He is involved in a NWO – Groene Zaak program ‘Sustainable Business Models’. Within this project, his focus is on developing the ‘Better Business Scan’. One of the main aims of this project is to empower companies to overcome barriers in their transition to more sustainable business models.

Thorben holds a master’s degree in Global Business & Sustainability. In addition, he has a background in cultural anthropology and business administration. His particular interests are in cross-sector partnerships, wicked problems, cross-cultural management, sustainability and, more specifically, the Sustainable Development Goals. In his research, he applies both quantitative and qualitative methods and is especially interested in the agrifood sector. Most important, however, is that research findings are applicable to practice. The Better Business Scan is an example of this kind of research.