The solution lies in the partnership

Issues always represent cross-border problems for which no individual actor is solely responsible or can provide the solution. Tripartite partnerships or multi-stakeholder dialogues provide a platform for approaching issues like poverty, climate change, human rights, animal welfare, financial crisis, hunger. Platforms include: the Amsterdam Initiative against Malnutrition (AIM); the Hunger project; Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA); Decent wages (ILO project); Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI); Coalitions on indigenous people’s rights; Initiative for Sustainable Trade (IDH). Most of these platforms are still relatively weak and can gain in sophistication and impact by new negotiation protocols and a better understanding of the actual shape of the ‘issue life cycle’ which influences what’s at stake for prime stakeholders.

This track provides overviews of issue related partnerships and considers in particular:


  • Stakeholder platforms, roundtables
  • Issue life cycle approach
  • Issue identification scheme

Max Havelaar Lecture

The Max Havelaar lecture stimulates the thinking on poverty issues in a balanced manner, without making use of the usual simplifications either in support or against the involvement of firms in development. The Max Havelaar Foundation is proof of this approach: it is aiming at a continuous improvement in its strategy towards labelling products – increasingly in a variety of partnerships with NGOs, corporations and governments.

More information about the lectures and videos of past lectures can be found on the Max Havelaar Lecture website. The complete lectures can also be found on this website, under Publications.