Public goods

Public goods

Improved (global) public goods provision through partnering

The provision of public goods – such as education, infrastructure, utilities (water, electricity) and healthcare – is not only a responsibility of governments alone, but is increasingly realized either by private companies or in public-private partnerships. The challenge to make them effective and accessible is sizable around the world, but in particular in institutionally weak/fragile states that have not been able to adequately make such goods available for the entire population.

International organisations like the World Bank and UN bodies are increasingly allying with private companies or private foundations to fill the void, but their effectiveness and efficiency can be improved. This track provides overviews of public-private partnerships around the world that provide public goods and considers in particular how to improve the governance of these partnerships.


PPP at the Dutch Government - Website from the Dutch Government where you can find information about PPP in the Netherlands and the running and upcoming projects of the Dutch Government. On this website you can also find news items and publications by the Dutch Government about PPP.

PPP Support - Website from the Dutch Government with information about (starting a) PPP's in the Netherlands. Only available in Dutch