Value chain

Value chain

Making value chains more fair through partnering

A wide range of partnerships between companies and non-governmental organisations shape the dynamics in global commodity and/or value chains. These partnerships work on new forms of governance, such as standards, or coordination, for example between producer organisations and buyers, within the logics of value chains. Moreover, partnerships increasingly team up with community or territory-based initiatives on, for example, sustainable tourism or biodiversity conservation, which shifts attentions to how (global) value chains touch ground.

This track combines evidence-based with theory-driven analysis to improve public knowledge of how partnerships affect inclusion of local smallholders and SMEs in (global) value chains, and leads to more local sustainable competitiveness.

More specifically the work in this track is intended to:


  1. Produce with practitioners and policy makers an accessible roadmap with pathways making (global) value chains more sustainable and inclusive;
  2. Publish academic papers on the role of partnerships in changing the business institutions to make (global) value chains more sustainable and inclusive;
  3. Create a network of researchers linked to local universities in Africa that have developed capacity to carry out research on and experimentation with partnerships within value chains.