Facilitation manual

The WPP is work in progress. That is why we share our facilitation manual with you, hoping that it will inspire you and assist in preparing your own Wicked Problems Plaza session. Please use, adapt and improve it, and let us know about your endeavours, so that we can jointly advance the WPP.

On this webpage, experienced facilitators can find out how to organise and facilitate a WPP session. The WPP concept has 4 spaces: the interest space, equity space, efficiency space and partnering space. All spaces have their own goals, tools and group exercises. By clicking on them, you can find more practical information about the spaces. 

You can also find information about preparing and structuring a WPP session. This information has a very practical orientation, and is presented as a step-by-step guide. Interested in the rationale behind the spaces? Please read the theory page where we describe the theoretical underpinnings of the concept. Also, consult the examples page for illustrative examples and applications of the steps. Do you think you have covered the basics and are ready to take your WPP session to the next level? Please see the upgrade page!

For questions and/or feedback, contact prc@rsm.nl

Interest space


Equity space


Efficiency space


Partnering space