Generation Y challenges you!

Max Havelaar Lecture: Wednesday 29 October. Is the fair option for a phone not yet existent? Do telephone companies refuse to bring it on the market? Then they will do it themselves. And there it was: The Fairphone!

Generation Y rolls up their entrepreneurial sleeves. When the big companies slowly become more sustainable, they just start their own enterprise. There they make the difference and move the goalposts in the market. Or do they not?

The seventh Max Havelaar Lecture matches sustainable front runners from different generations. What do they do differently? What can they learn from each other? What works and what doesn’t? How do they perceive each other?

All generations are welcome! Please register quickly: seats are limited!

What: Max Havelaar Lecture
When: Wednesday the 29th of October 2014
Time: 14.00 – 18.00 (including drinks)
Venue: Erasmus University Rotterdam
Room: Building C, room CB-1
Registration and more Language: English

With: Bas van Abel (initiator Fairphone), Willem Lageweg (CEO MVO Nederland), Joszi Smeets (CEO Youth Food Movement), Willemijn Verloop (founder War Child), Talitha Muusse ( founder Sustainable Young Top100), Rob van Tulder (CEO Partnerships Resource Centre) And many others... 

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