2014 edition of Annual Review of Social Partnerships is out

The 9th issue of the Annual Review of Social Partnerships (2014) is now available. This is a collaborative, open access resource, developed by and for cross-sector social partnership academics and practitioners. With more than 30,000 recipients around the world, the aim of the ARSP is to advance our understanding of collaboration for solving societal problems by bridging insights from theory and practice.

You can download the 9th ARSP issue from the following link (click "download" on top right)

Highlights of the 9th ARSP include:

  • Interviews with and contributions by academic thought leaders, including Henry Mintzberg, Ans Kolk and Miguel Rivera-Santos, and leading practitioners such as Jonas Haertle (PRME) and Steve Waddell (NetworkingAction)
  • State of the art reviews of 100+ new publications on cross-sector partnerships Lessons from new tools for teaching cross-sector collaboration such as MOOCs and simulations
  • Academic and practitioner insights on case examples of cross-sector partnerships across the world
  • Reviews of recent sustainability research programs on cross-sector collaboration News from the community: past and future events; meet new members of the community

You are welcome to send your feedback and comments to ARSP’s facebook page: www.facebook.com/ARSPinternational

The next ARSP issue in 2015 will mark the 10th anniversary, so we would like to invite you to become involved and contribute to this collaborative effort. Want to know more or submit your contribution? Just send an email to Arno Kourula.

The deadline for contributions is 15 March 2015.

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