NWO/WOTRO awards new research project "How can inclusive business strategies contribute to inclusive development in Sub-Saharan Africa?"

Dutch firms investing in Africa are increasingly searching for more ‘inclusive’ business models. By doing this, they can create a positive relationship with ‘inclusive growth/development’ of a country. It is suggested that an important precondition for this link to materialize is through elaborate partnerships with non-market actors like NGOs and (local) governments.

In the development policy discourse this trend refers to the introduction of public-private-partnerships (PPPs) as a means to more effectively enhance sustainable development. The way these partnerships can be effectively integrated in actual business models and thus help create a positive relationship between business strategies and inclusive growth at the national level, however, is not yet systematically researched nor practically grasped.

This project, explores (1) the characteristics of inclusive business models and (2) the critical success factors for effectively implementing this strategy through PPPs for a sample of frontrunner Dutch companies and NGOs in five different East-African countries.

Start: 1 October 2014

Duration: 30 months

The Consortium members (Partnerships Resource Centre as Coordinator):

1) Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam

2) Netherlands Africa Business Council (NABC), The Hague

3) The Eastern and Southern African Management Institute (ESAMI), Tanzania (headquarters)

4) ESAMI Tanzania

5) ESAMI Ethiopia

6) ESAMI Rwanda

7) ESAMI Kenya

8) ESAMI Mozambique

9) ESAMI Uganda

10) Bank of Africa, Uganda

11) Cordaid, The Hague

12) Philips Medical Systems, Eindhoven

13) FMO, The Hague

14) Rabobank Development, Utrecht

15) PUM, The Hague

16) Green Dream Company, Zaltbommel

17) ISS, Center for Frugal Innovation, The Hague

18) BAM International, Gouda

19) AMREF Flying Doctors, Leiden

20) ICCO Cooperation, Utrecht

21) New World Campus, Driebergen

22) SNV, Vietnam

23) Bank of Kigali, Rwanda

24) Inyange Industries, Rwanda

25) Barefoot Power, Uganda

26) Roskar Travel Limited, Kenya

27) WISE Organisation for Women in Self Employment, Ethiopia

28) Farm Engineering Industries Limited, Uganda

29) NILE Breweries Limited, Uganda

30) Fawe Mozambique

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