3-week partnership training successfully completed

On November 8 (2013) an intensive 3-week Training on “Effective Partnership Management” (EMP) was successfully completed by an international group of executives. The 12 partnership managers originated from 9 countries all over the world including Algeria, Georgia, Ghana, Iraq, Morocco, Nepal, Oman, South Africa and Uganda. The EPM course is a joint project of the Partnerships Resource Centre (PrC, Rotterdam) and the Maastricht School of Management (MSM, Maastricht).

In the first week, the executives were introduced to the concept of partnering and learned extensively about effective partnering skills and negotiating techniques. The second week was devoted to proper management of cross-sector partnerships and their effectiveness. Partnership examples from the health, commodity and tourism sectors and a round table simulation game ensured a firm link to the actual practice of partnerships. In the final week, the project managers had to bring in practice what they had learned so far. They were asked to develop a strategy for a water public private partnership (PPP) with the goal of sustainable water provision to slum inhabitants of either Uganda or Bangladesh. Water management experts from Vitens-Evides International, The Sustainable Water Fund/Agentschap NL and Aqua for All seated in a panel that commented on the feasibility of the proposed partnership strategies. The subsequent discussions between the experts and the groups demonstrated the deep knowledge and understanding the participants had developed over the past three weeks. A visit to the Euromast (with excellent weather conditions) and a sociable and rich dinner at the Tapas boat topped off the work visit to Rotterdam.

The participants did not only expand their knowledge about partnerships but also seized the opportunity to build friendships around the globe, creating an international network of partnership experts.

For more information contact the EPM program manager Sarah Drost (sdrost@rsm.nl).

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