Partnership Brokers Training in the Netherlands (18, 19, 21, 22 January 2016)

This 4-day skills development course builds integrity and professionalism in partnerships for those involved in brokering and managing multi-stakeholder partnerships or are “invisible leaders” in making partnerships effective.

This course is:

  • an intensive face-to-face training designed to deepen understanding of the changing nature of the process management role during a partnership cycle and explore essential brokering skills. It builds knowledge, insights and expertise for those managing the partnership process from the earliest ‘scoping’ stage to the final ‘moving on’ phase, including the delivery of measurable benefits to all parties.  
  • for active partnership practitioners involved in the management and development of multi-stakeholder partnerships, alliances in the field of advocacy and sustainable development, strategic partnerships with governments, corporates, NGO’s, knowledge institutes or local partners.
  • held in the New World Campus in the Hague.


More information

 More info and registration: L1 Netherlands Brochure and

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