Added value of Solidaridad's Partnerships

Added value of Solidaridad's Partnerships

Why this project?

Solidaridad and the PrC set up an action research project to enhance Solidaridad’s strategic partnership approach and to get a better grip of the added value of strategic partnerships. This entails getting a better understanding of the success factors, the set-up and the management of effective partnerships.

The action research project focuses on six strategic partnerships of Solidaridad which are in different stages of implementation. Solidaridad’s partners Henkel, East-West Seed, RWE, Stahl, Syngenta, and FMO will participate. This selection is based on the following criteria: (1) the partners come from different (business) sectors, (2) they have different roles in Solidaridad's intervention strategy (varying from agent, enabler to implementer) and (3) the partnerships are at different stages of implementation. 

What will be the output of this project?

The project has two ambitions: first, understanding the added value of Solidaridad’s strategic partnerships and help to improve the implementation of an effective partnership portfolio for Solidaridad. Therefore, the focus will not be on a more traditional way of impact measurement – through Monitoring and Evaluation techniques that are aimed at investigating the impact of specific projects on end beneficiaries – but on the meaning of the partnerships for the companies involved and for Solidaridad. Second, the action research project aims to come up with suggestions for improvement of the strategic partnership approach (including process design and tools) of Solidaridad.

Research approach

The action research approach is based on a learning – reflecting cycle and includes three successive phases:

1. Taking stock: we will make an inventory of the state of affairs, based on analysis of partnership documents and perspectives of partnership managers of Solidaridad and partners;

2. Reflection & learning: in a facilitated sense making meeting with Solidaridad’s partnership managers we will reflect on the chosen strategy and jointly formulate learning questions. Anticipated outcome is insight into what needs to be improved or changed.

3. Improve Solidaridad’s partnership approach: in a co-created learning session we identify implications for Solidaridad’s strategic partnership approach and Solidaridad’s partnership portfolio.