“Our Department is changing the way the world thinks about Accounting and Control. Accounting has a lot of ramifications in terms of its relationship to other business disciplines; for example, you cannot think of an effective marketing strategy without a cost benefit analysis, and that requires the viewpoint of accounting. Because of this, we place a lot of importance on reaching out, and proving our ideas and theories practically…and we’re quite well networked. Together with the Erasmus School of Economics, we have just begun the Erasmus Accounting Research Group, and cooperatively we host such internationally-significant events as the European Accounting Association Conference." 
– Prof. dr. Erik Peek, Chair Department of Accounting and Control 

Research of the Department of Accounting and Control focuses on two ‘twin’ areas:

  • Management Control & Accounting which deals with the ‘internal’ issues of accounting – providing managers within organisations a firm base from which to make good business decisions. 
  • Financial Accounting & Analysis which is focused on the ‘external’ issues of accounting – providing external stakeholders (such as shareholders, creditors, and public regulators) with the information needed to make good decisions.

Emphasis on the behavioural aspects of the field is one unique contribution that RSM and ERIM scholars are making to the existing body of accounting knowledge. 

Centres, Projects and Experts 

High-profile and relevant research is constantly being developed by Accounting and Control faculty members, who are connected to ERIM through its F&A research programme and who play an important part in various ERIM Centres of Expertise and other projects and initiatives. Support for their research may come from companies, the European government, grants and other sources. 

Some notable initiatives: 

Erasmus Accounting Research Group 

The Group combines the research activities of the Accounting Departments of the Erasmus School of Economics and Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University Rotterdam. The group members’ research interests are concentrated in two main areas: archival financial accounting research and behavioural and experimental management accounting research. 

Erasmus Accounting Seminars 

This international seminar series introduces the latest ideas and methods to emerge from the world of accounting, control, valuation, and governance.