Research of the Department of Business-Society Management examines the mutual impact of business and society upon each other. The broad objective is to reach a clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities arising at the interface of business and society. Strategic and sustainable solutions are the aim.

Multidisciplinary research focuses on several areas:

  • The relationship between business and society: Issues around sustainability, philanthropy, international relations, reputation.
  • Behavioural ethics: Issues around decision-making, ethics, leadership.
  • Legitimacy: Issues around governance, stakeholder well-being, accountability, ecology.

Centres and Experts

Much of the high profile, relevant research of the B-SM Department is focused in Centres of Expertise and other projects. These centres encourage network building among scholars who are working in the many research themes of the department, providing cutting-edge research, ideas publications related to business and society management. Support for this research may come from companies, the European government, grants or sponsored Chairs.

The current Centres of Expertise associated with B-SM faculty members:

Erasmus Centre of Behavioural Ethics

Scientific Director: Dr. Marius van Dijke

The ECBE fosters and promotes fundamental laboratory and field research in behavioural ethics that has implications for a wide variety of fields such as management, law, and social sciences in general.

Corporate Communication Centre (CCC)

Director: Marijke Baumann

This Centre is focused on corporate communication as a management instrument that harmonises all consciously used forms of internal and external communication as effectively and efficiently as possible in order to achieve a positive corporate reputation.

Centre for Corporate Eco-Transformation

Scientific Director: Dr. Steve Kennedy

The broad aim of this Centre is to reach a clearer understanding of the management challenges posed by climate change and search for credible management solutions to achieving global sustainability.

Partnerships Resource Centre

Academic Director: Prof. dr. Rob van Tulder

The PrC is a flexible learning and research network; it functions as the centre of a (virtual) network of professionals, academics and practitioners around the world to share, retrieve and build up knowledge and experience to enhance the impact of cross sector partnerships on addressing complex or ‘wicked’ problems in particular around sustainable development. The latter entails processes of selecting appropriate partnerships and increasing their efficiency, impact and effectiveness.