Stefano Puntoni appointed RSM Professor of Marketing

Stefano Puntoni has been appointed Professor of Marketing, focusing on globalisation in marketing and consumer behaviour, at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) from 1 September 2014.

Globalisation refers to the increasing interconnection of economic, social, and technological processes across countries and regions. Stefano Puntoni will address issues related to globalisation to find out how this influences brand management, communication, marketing strategy and consumer behaviour.

“Companies face much more segmented markets than they used to,” says Professor Puntoni. “A few years ago, it would have been sufficient for many companies to advertise a standard product using mass-media. But today, companies face a fragmented audience. One of the most important consequences of globalisation is that it leads to an increase in the diversity of our societies. I am interested in studying issues related to marketplace inclusiveness. If pluralistic and democratic societies wish to be harmonious and prosperous, all groups within them must feel included and feel that they have something at stake. It is therefore important to understand how different groups within society relate to the marketplace.

“Research into how different groups of consumers relate to the marketplace and respond to marketing messages can offer a way to give these consumers a voice. First, if companies can improve their understanding of how to best target minority consumers, they can develop products and communications that are more appealing to them, hence increasing the inclusiveness of the marketplace. Second, from a policy and consumer welfare perspective, the knowledge of how certain groups react to certain stimuli or persuasion techniques can be used to devise campaigns aimed at achieving desirable societal outcomes or potentially to inform regulation.”

Professor Puntoni’s recent research fits in well within this theme. He has explored diversity in a variety of contexts, focusing on ethnic identity, gender, sexual orientation, and how diversity of opinions affects teamwork and group outcomes. Stefano Puntoni has had a long-standing interest in social influence since his PhD research, and he plans to continue exploring social desirability issues related to diversity, focusing particularly on health.

Stefano Puntoni is the recipient of various grants and awards, including a Marie Curie Fellowship from the European Commission and an ERIM award for Outstanding Performance by a Young Researcher. His research investigates the social and emotional determinants of consumer behaviour and has appeared in prestigious international journals including Management Science, Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing Research, International Journal of Research in Marketing, and Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes. He currently serves as Area Editor at the International Journal of Research in Marketing.

He currently teaches brand management in RSM's Executive MBA programme and marketing strategy in RSM's MSc Marketing programme. He is also active in open enrolment and customised executive education at RSM. Professor Puntoni is currently a Visiting Professor at Lancaster University, UK, and has taught at London Business School, Bocconi University, Italy, and the American University in Cairo, Egypt. The Financial Times named him a ‘Professor to Watch’ in 2008. He joined RSM after completing his PhD in Marketing at London Business School in 2005.

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