Focal Areas

The faculty of the Department of Marketing Management connects through the many projects and initiatives of the ERIM research programme Marketing (MKT)

Four focal areas drive the department’s work: 

Centres, Experts and Projects

The academics of the Department of Marketing Management are engaged in countless research projects in partnership with business, and with other international scholars.

These experts also head up, or work within, several significant Centres of Expertise:

Erasmus Centre for Neuroeconomics 

Project Leader: Professor dr. ir. Ale Smidts 
Economics, psychology, and neuroscience are converging into a single discipline with the ultimate aim of providing a general theory of human behavior: Neuroeconomics. The work of the Erasmus Centre for Neuroeconomics is to understand the processes that connect sensation and action by revealing the neurobiological mechanisms that underlie decision-making. 

Customer Value Chains 

Scientific Directors: Prof. dr. Gerrit van Bruggen, Prof. dr. ir. Benedict Dellaert, Prof. dr. Bas Donkers 
More and more, firms work closely together with their customers in the value creation process. So the Customer Value Chains centre concentrates on such innovative strategies and models as multi-channel marketing, co-creation, user-generated content, mass-customisation, personalisation, and viral marketing. 

Erasmus Centre for Optimization of Digital Experiments (eCode)

Project Leader: dr. Gui Liberali

The lab Erasmus Centre for Optimization of Digital Experiments (eCode) combines Marketing and Operations Research to develop and disseminate better methods, concepts and tools that help firms improve the way they use the Internet to relate with their consumers. This includes new ways to design and optimize digital experiments, new multi-armed bandits algorithms (such as website morphing), and A/B testing.