"Our international faculty members are focused on high-profile research on the dynamics of the organisation, and of people within organisations. Our research themes are broad and driven by the immediate needs of business, ranging from the 'hot topic' of Chinese business, to our influential research on leadership and organisational behaviour. Most of our faculty members are connected to ERIM through its ORG research programme, which KNAW rated as a top programme during ERIM's 2010 re-accreditation. If you look at the volume of high-quality publications coming from our Department you can see that our faculty members really contribute to the School's ongoing research success."
Prof. dr. Daan van Knippenberg, Chair Department of Organisation and Personnel Management

Research of the Department of Organisation and Personnel Management looks at the importance of people within organisations, and their relationship to the organisation. Research is directed at two broad focal areas: 

  • Organisational behaviour which examines the behaviour of individuals and groups in organisations. People are the most valuable asset in any organisation, so OB research is directed at issues of leadership, diversity, team performance, creativity and innovation.
  • Change management which examines the skills of engineering sustainable transformation for organisations, and how to lead people and organisations through necessary (and sometimes challenging) change.

Centres, Projects and Experts

High-profile and relevant research is constantly being developed by OPM faculty members, a number of whom head up Centres of Expertise or other important initiatives. Support for their research may come from companies, from EU grants, or other forms of sponsorship.

Some notable Centres of Expertise associated with OPM faculty members:

Erasmus Centre for Leadership Studies

Scientific Director: Prof. dr. Daan van Knippenberg 
Understanding how leadership can bring out the best in people as well as where leadership can go wrong is of critical importance to successful organisational functioning. The mission of this Centre is to contribute to this understanding through fundamental as well as applied research in leadership.

China Business Centre

Scientific Director: Prof. dr. Barbara Krug
China's unprecedented and rapid economic growth, vast population and legendary entrepreneurial ability form the starting point for research conducted by the international academics of this Centre. The objective is to make a significant contribution to understanding Chinese business in a manner that is relevant for academics, students and business executives.