"Our international faculty members are focused on high-quality and impactful research on the dynamics of the organisational change, of organisations’ interrelationships, and of people within organisations. The department members contribute jointly to this endeavour and address topics in the fields of organisational behaviour, organisation theory, human resource management, cross-cultural management and historical as well as economic perspectives on organisation. As a consequence, our department members contribute fundamental knowledge primarily from the disciplines of psychology, sociology, anthropology, business and economics.”

Prof. Steffen Giessner, Chair Department of Organisation and Personnel Management

Areas of research




Individual leadership approaches; Leader development; Negotiation; Incentives; Motivation; Co-ordination; Stereotypes and prejudice at work; Power; Employee adjustment; Careers and transitions


Team leadership; Leadership development; Ownership; Remuneration; Hierarchy; Resource allocation; Diversity; Inclusiveness; Professional/team Identity; Changes in teams; Adaptive performance


Organisational Learning; Inter-organisational co-operation; Agencies, states, communities; Organisational culture and ideology; Cross-cultural management; Organisational change; Firm boundaries; New ways of work; Organisational forms/ownership; Organisational design; Incentives; Co-ordination; Career paths


Social, technological, and economic environment; Power and politics; Inter-sectoral collaboration; Labour markets; Contestation and contested industries; Creativity and the creative secto

Centres, projects and experts

Our faculty members constantly develop high-profile and relevant research; a number of them are also heads of Centres of Expertise or other important initiatives at RSM. Support for their research may come from companies, from EU grants, or other forms of sponsorship.

Erasmus Centre for Leadership
Scientific Director: Dr Hannes Leroy

The Erasmus Centre for Leadership supports RSM’s mission to be a force for positive change in the world. It strives to create a hub of knowledge for state-of-the art research into leadership, to help make sure that research outcomes make their way into RSM’s educational programmes, and to inspire the public to join the debate on leadership.

Erasmus Centre for Cooperatives
Scientific Director: Prof. George Hendrikse

The Erasmus Centre for Co-operatives creates, disseminates, and applies knowledge about cooperatives by blending detailed description, informal theory, formal modelling, and empirical analysis to contribute to co-operative business practice as well as to science.

Erasmus Centre for Human Resource Excellence
Scientific Director: Dr Rebecca Hewett

The Erasmus Centre for Human Resource Excellence is RSM’s centre for researching human resource management. It executes fundamental and applied research into people management, which supports and develops observant, inspired and pragmatic business leaders, enabling them to apply managerial knowledge in a sustainable and respectful way.

Erasmus China Business Centre
Scientific Director: Dr. Ying Zhang

The Erasmus China Business Centre (ECBC) explores business in China by integrating ongoing and new research projects in education and industry associated with China. By being academically and socially inclusive, ECBC activates research development, knowledge creation, business development, and innovation in education. The Centre aims to create a knowledge creation platform to discuss, diagnose and develop solutions for internal and interactive challenges and issues in Great China and Asian markets. This way it can extend China-associated business, education and research collaborations, and progress output among stakeholders, sectors and countries worldwide.