“RSM’s Department of Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship is unique. Most strategy departments are market-focused. But at RSM we’ve always had a very strong organisational theory perspective: the organisation and its moves are central to our research, which examines such areas as dynamic capabilities, social innovation, alliance capabilities, and technology transfer. 

“The fusing of strategy management with entrepreneurship has offered fresh insights and whole new areas of practical interest. Companies such as DSM, Tata, Shell, KPMG, ING, and others have benefited from applied research in the area of social and management innovation, business model innovation, and entrepreneurial strategies in emerging markets. Our research is not just challenging managers to ‘think out of the box,’ it is revitalising business and impacting public policy.”
Prof. dr. Hans van Oosterhout, Chair Department of Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship

Focal areas

Faculty of the Department of Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship connect through the many projects and initiatives of the ERIM Programme Strategy (STR). Their many interdisciplinary research topics are explored from a three-point perspective: Innovation, organisation, and institutions. “Each leg of this triangle infiltrates and inspires new theory in the other two,” says Prof. van Oosterhout.

Three focal areas drive the department’s work:

  • Strategic Management, focused largely on strategic renewal through innovation.
  • Strategic Entrepreneurship, focused on the way that entrepreneurial organisations use innovation to their benefit.
  • Global Strategy, focused on the way that (macro) institutions affect business behaviour day to day.

Centres, Experts and Projects

SME faculty members develop high profile research that opens up new routes for business to keep renewing, innovating, and growing. Some notable Centres of Expertise and other projects associated with SME faculty:


Scientific Director and Chair: Prof. dr. Henk W. Volberda

INSCOPE increases the fundamental understanding of social innovation and its influence on technical innovation, productivity and competitiveness. 

Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship Research

Scientific Directors: Prof. Justin Jansen & Prof. Roy Thurik

A solid understanding of entrepreneurship has important implications for policy makers, managers and entrepreneurs. Researchers at the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship Research are prominent in this field. They study entrepreneurship on two levels:

  • the macro-level, investigating the economic causes and consequences of entrepreneurship at the industrial, regional or country level
  • the micro-level, studying the individuals or firms

Erasmus Centre for Family Business

Scientific Director: Dr. Vanessa Strike

The Erasmus Centre for Family Business contributes to the development and long-term viability of family businesses around the world through the provision of research on family business, development of family business leaders, and outreach activities.

Highly-rated research

The ongoing prowess of RSM/ERIM academics is evidenced by their publication in the best international journals, their influential books, and their inclusion as keynote speakers in global symposia and other events.