Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Logistics and SCM are very important to the Netherlands – and to Rotterdam in particular. As the biggest sea port in Europe, Rotterdam is an international gateway to the massive markets of Western Europe.

The Dutch logistics sector employs over 750,000 people and adds about €40 billion to the country’s gross domestic product.

Distribution centres for American and Asian multinational companies are located here, and the Netherlands’ position has been strengthened by the trend for outsourcing and off-shoring production to the Far East.

So logistics knowledge is increasingly important to sustain turnover in the Netherlands, and our research here aims to provide it.

We have dedicated SCM researchers working here, and we include elements of SCM in all of RSM’s bachelor programmes and several of its MSc programmes, as well as a dedicated and specialised MSc programme in Supply Chain Management.

Research topics

1. Sustainability and supply chain optimisation (including service logistics)

Developing analytical approaches to improve the economic and environmental performance of supply chains. Some of this research is organised through ERIM’s Closed Loop Supply Chain centre.

2. Terminal optimisation

Optimisation of warehouse, port terminal and cross-dock operations, with related material handling systems. Work on port terminals is done within the Erasmus Smart Port Rotterdam and material handling research is organised via the Material Handling Forum.

3. Transportation management

A subtheme to improve the performance of passenger and cargo transportation systems. Research is organised through the Smart Port centre and the Erasmus Centre for Optimization in Public Transport (ECOPT).

4. Operations management

Studying behavioural operations management and purchasing and supply management, organised through the Purchasing and Supply Management Centre.