Looking back on the first edition

During the Challenge in 2016, we raised a whopping €25,397.73 for the KiKa Cancer-free Children Foundation in the new RSM Entrepreneurship Challenge. A KiKa representative said “the students must have been very creative indeed to turn five euros into such a final sum.” Together with Harald Swinkels, an RSM alumnus and the founder of the Nederlandse Energie Maatschappij (Dutch Energy Company), Albert de Jong, CEO of A. De Jong Group and chairman of Excelsior football club, and entrepreneur, coach and investor Kees de Jong we saw that CamHatch finally took the grand prize home. They won a ticket to the ECE Get Started programme as well as an entrepreneurs lunch with Harald Swinkels!


Wienke Schouwink, Sahar Seyed Nabeian, Evert Sanders, Raïs Lall Mohamed, Neval Gürcan and Rick Lamers

Coco Lipbalm

€ 628,33

Chantal Koster, Karlijn van Dommele, Maud van Deursen and Milou van den Dijssel

Tulips to you

€ 509,00

Nour Bahadori Motlagh, Nienke Bakker and Tatjana Ramljak

Wildcard-winner: ZeroKnots

€ 201,79

Rens Teuns, Jaap van Strien and Mathijs van Stiphout